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We repair, replace, and install all types of pole lights, canopy lights, decorative lighting, and wall packs. Call Today! Ark Electric LLC repairs all types of commercial parking lot & street lighting, from lamp and ballast to replacement to underground fault location and repair.

Group relamp to reduce lumen depreciation and maintenance costs.

Clean fixtures at the time of re-lamping, more often in dirty locations.


Two factors cause light loss.

  • lamp and ballast failure
  • luminaire dirt depreciation

New Installations

A wide range of solutions can meet the diverse needs of site illumination.

Properly preparing a lighting design for outdoor parking, storage, and fabricating is performed by a lighting designer.

Dark parking lots and other areas around a building can pose a liability for businesses and building owners. Poorly lit areas often suffer a higher rate of vandalism, crime and accidents. Police agencies will tell you that good area lighting discourages illegal activity and helps prevent mishaps. It also makes a property more attractive to tenants.

It's improve the safety, security and attractiveness of your parking area, our lighting design specialists are ready to help you find the best lighting solutions for your property.

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